The Barrowmaze Contract : Into the Odd

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Game System: Into the Odd
Session start: 2PM
Players: 3-6 players

Vornheim is a treaty city where humans and fey live side by side. The vast gray maze was not pulled into the recent Tellurian war, but the war broke many ancient seals and freed energy to wash through realms that were previously sedate and quiet.

Baroness Titania of Scrodd is the Vornheim aristocrat in charge of maintaining the Barrowmaze, where the ruling class of Vornheim are interred. Flooding energy has been quickening some of its long-dead inhabitants.

The Baroness has contracted with several adventurers to manage exploration crews to enter tombs, make sure everything is at rest, and remove anything magical or made of precious materials that could harbor supernatural energies.

You play veterans of the Tellurian War, now self-employed and looking for enough wealth and peace of mind to retire. At least one of those may be found in the endless stony darkness of the Barrowmaze. Flick on your electric torch, check your ammunition, and descend into the haunted tombs!