Palindrome Spelled Backwards Is Peril

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Game System: Mongoose Traveller 2.0
GM: Robert Bellamy
Number of Players: 7
Start Time: 9AM

You are the Paragon Crew.  It’s a nice (and sardonically inaccurate) name for the most motley, mismatched, sorry collection of sentients to be found Spinward of the Beyond, but it’s also the name of a group who have no choice but to do the right thing as their one shot to get out of the wrong place.  Yeah, you are funded by some unknown benefactor whose credit smells sickeningly of Imperium Intelligence ops — but you can either do this or spend your days rotting on Malfax Station.  Deciding to go on their little field trip to Palindrome was the easy part — surviving it, well, that’s the trick, ain’t it?
Characters Provided.  No Rules Knowledge Required.

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