Burning Zendikar 0104: The Dayas Pact

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The house charter is read over by Saryn, Karresh and Chet. The document is a record of the genealogy through the women of the Dayas family. Until the name Emeria appears, about eight generations ago. Then the document records males of the Emeria family except for the last 3 generations, which seems like the last time the charter was updated.

Karresh sends for a chronicler to help fill in the details of the sudden appearance of Emeria in the document. Chet and Saryn search through the other documents for related materials and any lore on fighting vampires (failed research)They discover some best practices when fighting vampires and discover that Hanno is ancient and a great vampire…these best practices have a lesser effect on him. He predates Bashura by generations.

Later, Chet heads out hunting because the food stores of the manor are empty and the staff knows it. Karresh searches the estate for coin, valuables to pay retainers and staff (Successful scavenge). Lord Gaston has not been seen since the fire and there is gossip about who is in charge.

Chet takes down a nice antelope, but is himself hunted by a giant wood spider(failed hunt). Chet runs with the deer and the spider gives a good chase, Chet very barely manages to avoid capture by hiding in the dense sections of the wood as he hurries back to the manor.

When Kristoff, the chronicler Karresh sent for, arrives(Circles) he shares the evening meal with them before they ask him about the house charter. Kristoff references the charter with scrolls he brought, Saryn provides Kristoff magical aid (fails!!). Kristoff reveals a pact with an otherworldly entity, Emeria, one that requires a Dayas woman to honor it. SO while House Emeria is intact, there are skeletons in the closet.

Saryn and Karresh decide their next actions in the best interest of restoring the house are: find a non-noble Dayas woman to reunify the Dayas Emeria lines and renew the pact. Offer up Capt. Garreth as a peace offering and have Lord Gaston resign the Highseat and marry Shala Undu as once decreed.

When they tell Bashara about their findings Bashara is oddly indifferent and dismisses the need to find a Dayas woman, let her be. He does insist they destroy his vessel before Honno the vampire takes it. He has no confidence in their ability to stop Honno.

There is a tax resource cycle at the session’s end –everyone passed.

Boys and girls, When you make your PC lord of a house and then miss 4 sessions…Shit will still get real without you!

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