The Haunting of Coldwall Manor

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Game System: Into the Odd
Min – Max number players: 2-5
Start Time: 2PM
Session Length: 3Hours

Game description: October, 1922, a year and a half after the war between the fey and the humans concluded in an uneasy cease-fire. You play veterans of that war, and you’ve been hired by Boss Vance. He bought a mansion to renovate and sell at a profit, but the workers won’t go near it; apparently there’s ghosts, or fey, or something disturbing the peace of the place.

You aren’t afraid, are you? Not after what you saw in the Tellurian War. Then again, maybe you’ve got a better reason to be afraid than the civilian imagination can furnish…

Simple rules, character generation at the table, newcomers welcome, no experience required.

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