The Rising

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Game System: Into the Odd
Min – Max number players: 2-5
Start Time: 9AM
Session Length: 4Hours+
Game description: The year is 1922, a year and a half after the end of the Tellurian War between Earth and the fey courts. The town of Prallis is on the shores of a lake, and the fish-people that live in the lake attacked the town all through the war. Now that the war is over, the fish-people seem to be massing for another rush–a bigger rush. Can the townspeople fend off the attack?

They need tough veterans of the Tellurian War to stand by them and defeat this fishy menace. There’s some cash from the town–but finders, keepers. A raid on the underwater temple may be in order, if anyone survives.

No experience required. We will make simple characters on the spot and get started. We will play Guns of Telluria, an adapted version of Into the Odd.

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