Troopers! A DCC Funnel.

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GM: Kenneth W. Paynter
Game System: Dungeon Crawl Classics
Min – Max number players: 2-5
Start Time: 9AM
Session Length: 3Hours
Drop-In (No RSVP required): Yes

Game description: It is a period of Civil War in the galaxy. Terrorists wishing to overthrow the benevolent leadership of Emperor Palpatine have struck from hidden bases causing death and massive property damage.
Doing your duty you have joined the Imperial Army. From countless systems have come brave volunteers and conscripts ready to stand up and fight for the Empire. For the past month you have been travelling with other recruits heading for training at the Academy of Carida . . .

This is a DCC funnel where the Players are running 0 level characters who want to serve the Empire but end up taking a wrong turn (thanks Bothan spies!).

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