D&D 5E: Uninvited Guests

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Name:  Laura C.
Game System: D&D 5E
Max number players: 5

Start Time: 7PM

Session Length: 4Hours

Welcome to D&D!

This is an introductory session where we’ll walk through character creation and basic rules of the game for those who need it.

The village of Parnast is recovering from it’s recent encounter with a dragon cult. To celebrate their release from the cult’s clutches, commemorate the recovery of the local shrined statue of Angharradh (the Triune Goddess), and boost the town’s spirits, the leaders have decided to hold a feast. Unfortunately, they are short on the….well, feast. One Raggnar Redtooth approaches you and asks for help hunting game to use in the celebration and begin refilling far-too-empty town stores. Will you assist them?
Character Levels: 1-4
Experience Required: None
Pre-generated characters are available if you need one.

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