Protocol RPG

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Name: Matt Harrop
Game Title: Protocol RPG
Game System: Protocol RPG
Min – Max number players: 3-4Game description: The Protocol game series uses vignettes, interrogations, interludes, and ensembles to tell a collaborative story. Each story explores disparate characters dealing with adversity and isolation in a dramatic fashion. The rules are minimal, with no dice and no GM.

Characters will be defined, relationships established, and the world fleshed out during game play. All that is required is a deck of cards, some tokens, a pencil, and the desire to craft an awesome tale.

The playsets, chosen at the time of play, include Home (soldiers returning from a war they lost), Eons (Lovecraftian Horror), Happy Birthday Caylee (slasher flick), $6000 Movie (Make a movie for $6,000), and more.

Mature players preferred.

December 9, 2017
Start Time: 9AM
Session Length: 4Hours+
Drop-In (No RSVP required):

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