The Space Between (CoC 7ed)

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Name: Matt Harrop

Game System: Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed.

Min – Max number players: 4-6

Game description: This Call of Cthulhu scenario is set in modern-day Los Angeles and follows the last stages of the troubled production of a movie called “The Space Between.” The production has been bankrolled by the Church of Sunyata. The cast and crew, (including the investigators), are made up entirely of members of the Church. Rumor has it that the script is an allegory of Church teachings, and the finished film may be used as a recruitment tool.

The film has been shooting for five weeks and was just on the verge of completion when Verity Harrow, the female lead, went missing. This has brought production to a halt, but the investigators’ real problems are just beginning.

Beginners Welcome!

Start Time: 9AM
Session Length: 4Hours+


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