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Masks Of The Mummy Kings

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GM: Mark Redacted

Game System: Masks Of The Mummy Kings

Min – Max number players: 2-4

Game description: Thieves! Outlaws! Scoundrels! Masked, fates entwined, you must plunder the treasures of the ziggurat tomb of ancient Babylon’s Zodiac Emperor, or die in the attempt…

Start Time : 10AM

Session Length: 2Hours

Drop-In (No RSVP required): Yes


False Flag (Denver 2) [SR5]

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GM: Bruce Cottingham

Game Title: False Flag (Denver 2)

Game System: Shadowrun

Min – Max number players: 2-6

Game description: False Flag is the second of the Denver Adventures series for
Shadowrun, Fifth Edition. It gives players the opportunity to
experience events in the Denver Front Range Free Zone. The
city is on edge after the events mentioned in Storm Front
(Lightning in Denver chapter) and the previous adventure,
Serrated Edge.
The adventure centers on a false flag operation and unfortunately
for the residents of the FRFZ, no one knows who’s responsible
for what’s going on. There are several possible candidates,
but the information on whoever’s responsible might start a
war in the Mile High City.

Start Time (Lunch 1pm-2pm; Dinner 6pm-7pm): 7PM




Eberron: Riding the Rail [D&D5E]

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GM: Trampas Whiteman

Game Title: Eberron: Riding the Rail

Game System: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

Min – Max number players: 3 – 5

Game description: Lightning rail rides in Breland are never as relaxing as they should be, especially when the coach is being used to transport a monolith hauled from the mysterious depths of Xen’drik.

Written by Christopher Wissel. Pregenerated characters will be provided.

Start Time (Lunch 1pm-2pm; Dinner 6pm-7pm): 9AM

Session Length: 4Hours+

Drop-In (No RSVP required): Yes




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GM: Jeremiah Frye

Game Title: Dialect

Game System: Dialect

Min – Max number players: 2-4

Game description: Language tells a story. Woven into the way we speak, we reveal what we care about, where we come from, and who we are.

Dialect is a game about an isolated community, their language, and what it means for that language to be lost. In this game, you’ll tell the story of the Isolation by building their language. New words will come from the fundamental aspects of the community: who they are, what they believe in, and how they respond to a changing world.

Start Time (Lunch 1pm-2pm; Dinner 6pm-7pm): 7PM

Session Length: 4Hours+


The Tower Out of Time [DCC]

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GM: Mike McFarland


Game Title: The Tower Out of Time

Game System: Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG

Min – Max number players: 4-6

Game description: From out of the past comes an ancient evil to plague the present! A mystifying tower crowned by a blinding blood-red light has appeared in the forest, arriving as a never-before-seen comet burns in the sky above. Is its arrival a harbinger of terrible times ahead? Only those heroes brave enough to confront what lurks behind the inexplicable walls of the Pharos of Scales can solve the mystery of the tower’s puzzling arrival!

Start Time (Lunch 1pm-2pm; Dinner 6pm-7pm): 9AM

Session Length: 4Hours+

The Quiet Year

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GM: Angela Robertson
Game Title: The Quiet Year
Game System: The Quiet Year
Min – Max number players: 2 – 5

Game description: For a long time, we were at war with The Jackals. But now, we’ve driven them off, and we have this – a year of relative peace. One quiet year, with which to build our community up and learn once again how to work together. Come Winter, the Frost Shepherds will arrive and we might not survive beyond that. But we don’t know about that yet. What we know is that right now, in this moment, there is an opportunity to build something.

Start Time (Lunch 1pm-2pm; Dinner 6pm-7pm): 2PM

Session Length: 4Hours+

Drop-In (No RSVP required):

6-1 Ten Fifty Seven [SR5]

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GM: Robert Woford

Game System: Shadowrun 5th Ed.
Min – Max number players: 3-7
Game description: Hunt for some missing folks for Nick Rider and Dr. Tate. Explore the Containment Zone for signs of the missing people.
Start Time (Lunch 1pm-2pm; Dinner 6pm-7pm): 9AM
Session Length: 4Hours+
Drop-In (No RSVP required): Yes