GKC RPG Day 10 Wrap-Up

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Man, I love gaming with y’all! Big thanks to all the GMs for spending the day running games!

No Country for Old Kobolds

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GM: Jeremiah

Game System: No Country for Old Kobolds
Min – Max number players: 2-4
Game description: Why do we all hate kobolds so much? It’s just a matter of course that in every fantasy rpg you play your first level adventurers will go out and murder a couple dozen kobolds, collect their loot, a bit of experience and move on to bigger badder things. Ever wonder what the kobolds thought about all this? Ever think maybe all those kobolds aren’t the bad guys we make them out to be? Well No Country For Old Kobolds is built to explore the world through their eyes! Sometimes this view of the world can be comedic, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes heroic.

Start Time: 7PM
Session Length: 4Hours+

Postmortem: Game Day #7

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The new GKC Game Day Banner was a hit!

I played the new Shadowrun Encounters dice game with four other folks. Very nice push your luck mechanics and a neat mission stealing loop. I look forward to expansion cards. It’s a faster (and different) game than Crossfire, it also is not co-op. Both are fun games!

I sat in on Jedi Blackbird and I had way too much fun playing the paroled scoundrel. Lady Blackbird mechanics plays extremely well in the Star Wars fiction! I had a key called “Let them Fight”. I got Xp when the jedi I’m guiding fight the Hutt I owe money to. SO OF COURSE my first opportunity I took them to Bokka the Hutt – I’m pretty sure it surprised the GM, she wanted to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. If I make peace with the Hutt I could buy the key off. It was Win-Win for me!

I ran Storm Giant’s Thunder, totally brought my FFG Star Wars dice to play! I jumped right into chapter two of the adventure. You’ll need 5th level PCs and chapter one is all about leveling up to 5th. Just so you know, A giant will steam roll 4 5th level players. I missed the bit in the book. It’s not even a full sentence or even in bold. It said, many of the encounters are deadly ones. I will be running this again! And there was interest in running a regular game of the giants adventure.

All in all, #7 was a good run. I was a bit tired from traveling when it began, and totally wiped when we ended. I enjoy when new folks show up out of the blue and stay the day to play!

Special Big Mad Thanks to Brad for running Shadowrun Missions for one player. Brad is Bad.Ass! He’s done this before for D&D and I think it is awesome.