Ride the Winds

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Game System: Cyper Numenera
Start Time: 9AM
Length: 4Hours+
Min – Max number players: 1-5
GM: Wade Tripp

The iron winds are coming, dangerous winds across the lands of Numenera. A scientist has found a way to stop it and protect the city. Two other groups have went and gotten the device after running into troubles. Can you finish the mission and save the town?

GKC RPG Day #7 Sept 10th!

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Save the date!

The next Greater Kansas City RPG Game Day will be Sept 10th at Tabletop Game & Hobby.

GM event submission is open just register your game sessions and lunch is on us!

Undying : The Great Seattle Fire of 1889

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Players 3-4

2-6 PM

Undying is a diceless, vampire roleplaying game of predation and intrigue. You are a predator – a blood-sucking monster of the night. Your world revolves around four things: blood, humanity, status, and debt. These four traits are tightly interlocked with the game play.

Undying contains mature content, including explicit language  and graphic violence.

You can preview the game at Paul Riddle’s Blog

Dresden Files RPG :For the Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

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Game Title: For the Night is Dark and Full of Terrors
7 PM Session: Yes
Game System: Dresden Files RPG
Min – Max number players: 3-6

Game description: Enter the modern supernatural world to save the City from the horrors kept at bay. Play as one of the members of a small but effective group of mortals and supernatural beings dedicated to keeping the things that go bump in the night from eating you all.

Edge of the Empire : Dark Legacies

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Edge of the Empire
3-5 Player

The EMPIRE lies in ruins. The freedom-loving ALLIANCE is gathering, but lawlessness reigns during the transition. • Criminals, scavengers and Imperial loyalists sift through the war wreckage for profitable opportunities. • Near Endor, competing ship crews converge on a lost Rebel frigate containing a MYSTERIOUS CASE filled with secrets best forgotten…

For fullest  effect visit the Star Wars Crawler

Beware the ides of Game Day #5

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Save the date!

The next Greater Kansas City RPG Game Day will be March 19th, 2016.

The first RPG Day of 2016 and in a brand new Tabletop Game & Hobby Shop!

You want to GM a game? Lunch from D’Bronx is on us, just register your game sessions!

GM Submission deadline is March 7th –so make use of that “extra” day!