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The Dragon of South Moor

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D&D 5th Edition.  3-5 Players.
Start Time: 2PM
Length: 4Hours
GM: Mad Jay

The peoples of South Moor have a dragon problem and they’ve hired your band of adventurers to make the treacherous journey across the moors to seek the aid of the mage Alestra. Can you get help before more towns are destroyed by the dragon?

3rd – 5th level characters. Pre-gens available or bring your own! (PHB rules only). New players welcome, no experience required – bring your dice!

GKC RPG Day #7 Sept 10th!

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Save the date!

The next Greater Kansas City RPG Game Day will be Sept 10th at Tabletop Game & Hobby.

GM event submission is open just register your game sessions and lunch is on us!


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Game System: Facility (playtest)
Min – Max number players: 2-4

Game description: This is a game about people who have been abducted from their normal lives, had their memories fucked with, and are now being subjected to experiments by someone or something unknown, for mysterious purposes. They need to escape, be altered into compliant Victims, or be destroyed as failed experiments.

NOTE: This game is meant to be intentionally edgy and dark, so the content could be potentially upsetting, but as players I expect everyone at the table to do their best to not make anyone uncomfortable.

Also, this game is in playtest by designer Rob Bohl (designer of Misspent Youth), so it may not be an entirely polished play experience.

Dread: Parnell’s Adept Academy

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Game Title: Parnell’s Adept Academy
Game System: Dread
Min – Max number players: 3 – 5

Game description: During a seemingly average day at Parnell’s Adept Academy, the power goes off forcing the faculty to execute emergency procedures. But this is not your typical school for the “gifted” and soon everyone realizes that the problem is not typical either. When the source of the disaster grows out of control, a handful of students are caught in the middle with a possible counter-measure. Yet first they must survive.

Parnell’s Adept Academy is a scenario for Dread, the horror roleplaying game that uses Jenga® instead of dice.


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Game Title: Headspace
Game System: Headspace
Min – Max number players: 3 – 6

Game description: Headspace is a role playing game that explores human emotion, memory, and personal identity. The world of Headspace is a dark future where technology has begun to alter not just our bodies,
but how we feel and even think.

In this future, an advanced neural networking technology, Headspace, has been developed. The Headspace allows a group of wielders to connect their minds directly to each other. But, jacking into the Headspace comes with a cost; there is no going back. Once your minds are bound together, every thought, sensation, emotion, and even dreams are shared over any distance instantaneously.

All Flesh Must be Eaten: Jungle of Death

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Game Title: Jungle of Death
Game System: All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Players: 4-6

Game description: It is 1987. A group of elite mercenaries is hired by the CIA for a mission. The objectives: Get dropped off deep in the jungles of Colombia; Find the secret compound of the infamous and brutal drug lord Pablo “El Guapo” Martinez and capture him alive; Contact the chopper and arrange for pickup. This should be a milk run, but naturally everything is not what it seems. Find out who survives the… Jungle of Death!

Beginners welcome.

Blades in the Dark: Your Name Here

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2 PM Session
Game System: Blades in the Dark
Min – Max number players: 2-5
 Your characters have been hungry on the streets, but that’s over. Play scoundrels who are putting together a criminal crew, ready to make a name for themselves and carve out their own corner of the city to rule from the shadows. This industrial Gothic setting has ghosts and rifles, weird machinery and all-too-familiar human misery. The game uses flashbacks to handle much of the heist preparation–the characters do the work so the players don’t have to! No previous experience required.