Burning Zendikar: The fall of house Emeria – 0103

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Kerrash’s archivist contact discovered the staff used in the explosion was a device fashioned by Urza. One in a set of three. 

Capt. Garreth began rounding up members of house Undu and a battle ensues as House Undu members and the Lady Undu fight a retreat to their docked ship. Both sides take on many casualties.

An inferno erupts from the lower sections of the manor house quickly catching the west wing of the manor house.

Saryn goes to retrieve the Koi statue from it’s hiding spot in the West wing and encounters a tall, bald and pale man walking through the blaze. The man’s close are of an era long gone by. He taps an ornate cane rhythmically as he ,makes way toward Saryn and the status. Saryn grabs the Koi and runs. The man laughs and a hellfire hound all ablaze joins his side.

Kerrash arrives back to the Emeria manor after the battle is done. Half the house is razed, the rest smouldering. Survivors and wounded are scattered on the grounds. Chet and some of the house staff update Kerrash on the battle.

Saryn searches for a place to stash the Koi statue and discovers an old, warded vault in the remains of the house. In the vault are various devices, reagents, books, scrolls and a  huge gelatinous egg  melting. Saryn pours through the scrolls and books and figures out the egg is a hatching spawn of the Eldrazi and freezing the egg could suspend it’s release. He casts his magic to encase the egg in ice. (Evoke test duration:Adventure)

Up above, Kerrash delivers a speech to the staff, boosted by his white magic to unite and improve their morale. He then turns on Capt Garreth for his actions in starting the battle with house Undu. Karresh demands garreth resign. Capt Garreth does no such thing. Garreth says only Gaston, the Highseat of the house has the authority to remove him. The damage is done, however as the house members have lost respect and confidence in Capt. Garreth. (successful Oratory Vs )

Later Saryn seeks out Capt Garreth and reprimands him for his reckless actions, but they reach an accord and a possibly alliance. Garreth sets up a watch post near the vault as per Saryn’s request.  (successful Arcane Action Vs )

After the evening meal, and the house staff has settled into makeshift quarters. Karresh, Chet and Saryn return to the vault to consult with the ghost of Bahara. They learn two things. One, there is an issue with the current lineage of House Emeria. There maybe a usurper of the family matriarchal line. The Emeria Charter can help set things right, it was last seen by Bahara in Lady Amelia’s library…currently burnt to the ground!  (failed Observation).
Second, the man Saryn saw in the fires earlier is the Vampire, Honno and his hellfire hound. They were after Bahara’s ghost vessel and started the fires.

Chet searches and finds in the wreckage the spot where the library would have been. Saryn, with Kerrash help, crafts a spell to help find the Emeria Charter…and discovers another room below where the library was. This room houses a series of scrolls, art, and the Emeria Charter!! ( Linked Observation, Arcane Action Ob 7 test Vs 11 Dice — successful!)

Session ends as they unfurl the charter scroll and we see the shocked faces of Chet, Saryn and Karresh.
PCs : Kerrash, Kor priest with lineage to House Emeria. Saryn Emeria, upstart mage and nephew to Lord Emeria.  Chet, merfolk freeman, serves house Emeria since purchased.