Rise of the Runelords

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GM: Bill Michels
Game Title: Rise of the Runelords (RPGKC Game Day Campaign)
Game System: Pathfinder
Min – Max number players: 4-6
Drop-ins welcome!
Wrapping up the trek through Thistletop to end the goblin threat to Sandpoint, and hopefully returning as valiant heroes! Should be the last session of Burnt Offerings.

Ride the Winds

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Game System: Cyper Numenera
Start Time: 9AM
Length: 4Hours+
Min – Max number players: 1-5
GM: Wade Tripp

The iron winds are coming, dangerous winds across the lands of Numenera. A scientist has found a way to stop it and protect the city. Two other groups have went and gotten the device after running into troubles. Can you finish the mission and save the town?

GKC RPG Day #7 Sept 10th!

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Save the date!

The next Greater Kansas City RPG Game Day will be Sept 10th at Tabletop Game & Hobby.

GM event submission is open just register your game sessions and lunch is on us!