Dark Heresy: On a Collision Course with Destiny

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GM: Matt Harrop
Game System: Dark Heresy 1st Ed.
Min – Max number players: 4-6
Start Time: 9AM
Session Length: 4Hours+

Game description: Five days ago, the ship INV Righteous Destiny dropped out of the Warp. It had been lost to the Warp for over 600 years and it is now on a collision course with the planet Scintilla, capital of the Calixis Sector. You have been hastily assembled at the behest of Inquisition to investigate the space hulk and its mysterious message before the Imperial Navy obliterates it.

GKC Game Day #8.5

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‘Cause the ice can’t hold us back!

The next Greater Kansas City RPG Game Day will be December 17th  January 7th, 2017.

GM event submission is open just register your game sessions and we’ll buy you lunch!

Player signups start Jan 1st, 2017