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Game Title: Headspace
Game System: Headspace
Min – Max number players: 3 – 6

Game description: Headspace is a role playing game that explores human emotion, memory, and personal identity. The world of Headspace is a dark future where technology has begun to alter not just our bodies,
but how we feel and even think.

In this future, an advanced neural networking technology, Headspace, has been developed. The Headspace allows a group of wielders to connect their minds directly to each other. But, jacking into the Headspace comes with a cost; there is no going back. Once your minds are bound together, every thought, sensation, emotion, and even dreams are shared over any distance instantaneously.

All Flesh Must be Eaten: Jungle of Death

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Game Title: Jungle of Death
Game System: All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Players: 4-6

Game description: It is 1987. A group of elite mercenaries is hired by the CIA for a mission. The objectives: Get dropped off deep in the jungles of Colombia; Find the secret compound of the infamous and brutal drug lord Pablo “El Guapo” Martinez and capture him alive; Contact the chopper and arrange for pickup. This should be a milk run, but naturally everything is not what it seems. Find out who survives the… Jungle of Death!

Beginners welcome.

Blades in the Dark: Crowfeathers

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Game System: Blades in the Dark
9AM session
Min – Max number players: 2-5

Game description: Play a gang of rogues and scoundrels in the shadowed city of Duskwall! This industrial Gothic setting is in a shadowed world saturated with ghosts. Corruption is rampant, and the Iron Law of Distribution holds: them that has, gets.

You play agents of the Crows, the toughest crew in the Crow’s Foot neighborhood. Handle troubleshooting for them, and maybe you’ll get permission to start your own crew!

The system  uses flashbacks to help plan scores, skipping over the speculation and preparation and jumping right into the action. The characters prepared so the players don’t have to!

No previous experience required.

Undying : The Great Seattle Fire of 1889

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Players 3-4

2-6 PM

Undying is a diceless, vampire roleplaying game of predation and intrigue. You are a predator – a blood-sucking monster of the night. Your world revolves around four things: blood, humanity, status, and debt. These four traits are tightly interlocked with the game play.

Undying contains mature content, including explicit language  and graphic violence.

You can preview the game at Paul Riddle’s Blog

GKC RPG Day #6 June 25th!

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Save the date!

The next Greater Kansas City RPG Game Day will be June 25th, 2016.

GM event submission is open just register your game sessions!

Player signups start June 20th!