GKCRPG Day sponsors: The Mutant Year Zero Diaries Tour – 3 Days to Dawg

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One Ark.
One Map.
One diary.
One long ass con game with many PCs across many game sessions. All PCs operate from the same ark in the Bad Apple. They’ll leave notes in the ark’s diary and on the map for future PCs that play. Notes about explored sectors, safe caches left in the zone, ark drama…and secrets.

One Mad Jay keeping the virtual campaign going.

Tour Dates:

Done! Game 1 of my Mutant Year Zero Diaries Tour at KantCon July 16

Game 2 is July 29 at GKC RPG Day

Games 3 & 4 are on the GenCon event list: 3 Days to Dawg

Possible games events:

Chicago Game Day #47

Big Bad Con


MidWest Game Fest.

Then I’ll bring the rot back home to KC for our annual Winter Court RPG Day in December.



Game I at KantCon, Overland Park KS 2017